From Heroin Addict to Friend.

If you're from Wilmington, Ohio you might recognize Skip from standing on the side of the road begging for money. Like most people, I came up with a million reasons why I shouldn't help him out. One day, I was finally able to justify it to myself when I saw him at Sugartree Ministries high. Apparently he had just shot up heroin in the bathroom. At that point I told myself "See, I was right not giving him any money. He just spends it all on heroin and I'm not going to support that!"

Let me tell you why I was wrong. I used his heroin addiction as an excuse for me to do nothing.

I didn't give him money and I shouldn't have, but does that mean I should just judge him from a distance? The answer, in hindsight, is no. You don't have to give a person money to help them. I learned a valuable lesson from my friends at Sugartree Ministries. The best way to help a person is to love them. The guys at Sugartree didn't give up on Skip, they loved him. They encouraged him to get better. They were there for him and walked with him. 

Skip ended up getting clean and becoming a valuable staff member at Sugartree Ministries. We don't hold his past against him because he is a changed man. He has been clean over a year and a half and still going strong. 

Don't dismiss a person so easily, they just might become a close friend.

- Zach Daulton